Sunday, September 6, 2009


So Craig and I are back in New Jersey. Since then we have been to the doctor twice and seen the babies. They are growing fast and so am I. Today, September 6 I am 7 months (28 weeks). We are working on the babies room and we are almost finished. We just have a few more personal touches to add. Plus a place for me to sit and feed for the next year. The chair better be a comfortable one! So, in the meantime we are just trying to tie up loose ends and get things ready for the arrival of our precious little gifts. Which we cannot wait to meet and see who they really look like. Craig hopes they look like him but I sure hope not. They are girls!! Below are two slide shows. One is of various sonograms of the girls and the other is of me and Craig and the babies room. Hope you all enjoy and I promise to update on a regular basis.

Pictures of the Girls

Naomi and the Girls

The Cruise

The Cruise